Real-Time Data Receivers


These FAQ's are typical of the types posed by a non technical audience. Technical FAQ's will be answered directly.

What is Real-Time information?

Real-Time information is data which appears to arrive instantaneously, without any time delay.

Is Real-Time information through Data Broadcast better than other solutions?

If your present solution is Internet, the information has to travel through several routers and servers. When using Internet, real-time services and bandwidth, cannot be guaranteed. The time delay of every node varies strongly, therefore the data will sometimes be delayed for up to several seconds or more. Connection and re-connection to the Internet service provider can sometimes be difficult during peak periods, when real-time information gets important.

Can a customer be serviced as easy with Data Broadcast, as with other solutions?

If you are able to choose a TV broadcaster or Satellite operator who is already serving other service providers, you would most likely be 'on air' within a few hours. The moment your data is broadcast, also an infinite number of end-users can receive it by installing an AX4A data decoder on their computer. What could be easier?

How does Data Broadcast compare to other solutions?

The Internet is used by end-users to read and send information but at times the capacity is limited due to congestion. Although only one way, with Data Broadcast the end-user is guaranteed to receive a broadcast stream of real-time data, virtually instantaneous

What will happen when the world goes digital with VBI Datacast?

In principle nothing or even better the signal quality will improve. This is because the DVB digital TV standard has been specifically designed to carry data services. The same AX4A DB1000 decoders can be retained and connected to a DVB receiver. The AX4A DVB1000 Data Receivers are capable to decode directly VBI data encoded from a DVB satellite broadcast.

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