Real-Time Data Receivers

Company History

AX4A BV, started life as a further development of a Philips "New Business" activity. The core business was built on ‘Philip’s’ strengths in TV technology, Teletext (VBI) and Digital Video Broadcast (DVB), which was combined to develop Data Broadcast Receivers. This was then coordinated with the increasing market need to provide continuous updated (real-time) information, to the Personal Computer.

The Personal Computer in the commercial world has evolved from a word-processing device to an integrated information access terminal which is now used in most spheres of business. The extensive growth of the Internet has assisted in establishing the awareness which has made this evolution process possible. With an increasing need for highly qualitative bandwidth, new transmission methods were introduced to the market place, with Data Broadcasting being one of them.

AX4A started business at Philips Corporate Research, but is now firmly established as a privately owned company who serve customers in 18 countries world-wide with Data Receivers for Personal Computers.

What Do We Do?

At present products manufactured by AX4A are provided to clients who’s business is primarily located within the ‘Financial Sector’, but with this type of technology its applications are endless.

Based on Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) technology and the use of the Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI), users have been enabled to access real-time data without the need for expensive dial-up connections or bulky equipment. These high speed real-time connections provide point to multi-point data reception where-ever standard TV broadcast signals are available.

Once the user has purchased the Data Receiver then there are normally no further communication costs involved.

Our Market Place

Without doubt our present market lies at the intersection between where high Personal Computer penetration with a need for real time on screen information, meets locations where communication infrastructure is saturated or poor.

Our present clients are service providers who are offering real-time financial information. They are mainly located in fast emerging countries, where stock exchanges are starting to provide information access to the public. It is also in these counties that direct transaction services are starting to be deploy by banks.

More mature markets still represent a substantial part of our sales due to the ever growing need for continuously accessible data for Personal Computers. These continuous data feeds are used to fuel the technical analysis software tools and provide continuous intelligent monitoring of all quotes. Finally our market can easily be identified where the standard Internet infrastructure is not reliable or accessible enough.

In Conclusion

AX4A is continuously active in improving its performance and added value towards its customers. Modern communication tools are vital in this process. This is why we encourage all our customers to provide us with as much feedback, as possible, through our web site or by other means.

Through the development and marketing of high end data receivers in different market, AX4A has gained knowledge of the market-place. This enables us to provide our customers with support relating to the setting-up and growth of their business, especially regarding distribution of time critical information to large audiences. During the last 7 years, we have shared, with our customers, information critical to business. The ultimate goal of both our customers and our-selves is the fastest and highest possible market penetration.

We are therefore very grateful towards all customers, who provide this feedback which has enabled us grow together.

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